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Songs About Alcohol Awareness Month

Because April is Alcohol Awareness Month, we pulled some songs about recovery from our category Addiction: Recovery.

  • Accidents Can Happen Sixx A.M.
  • Cry Cry (Till The Sun Shines) Martina McBride
  • God Of Wine Third Eye Blind
  • Little Rock Collin Raye
  • Sober Pink
  • That’s Why I’m Here Kenny Chesney
  • Welcome Back Mase
  • Wine Into Water T. Graham Brown

Just as Country music is famous for its songs about drinking, bars and honky-tonks, the genre is not afraid to tackle the subject of recovery head-on. In fact, while Rock, Hip Hop and Alternative are represented in the sample list above, Country music predominates with over half of the 47 songs in our full Addictions: Recovery category. Rock and Alternative edge out Country in the companion category Addictions: General.

The Green Book deals with substance use in other categories as well — Alcohol, Drugs: Cocaine, Drugs: General and Drugs: Marijuana. These include both songs that glorify drinking and drugs and those with anti-drug messages. The two Addiction categories are reserved for songs that specifically address addictive behavior.

We also track particular brands of alcohol in Products & Brands: Specific. Coincidentally, in our study of the top subjects in popular music for 2008, the most frequently mentioned product was Patron tequila, a favorite in Hip Hop songs.